• Dave

    1. You need a current US passport that is more than six months from its expiration date.

    2. A valid non-electronic round trip airline ticket.

    3. An address in the Philippines you will be located. I just name a hotel or resort I will visit.

    4. Do not bring cash, use an ATM card. Be sure the card has machines in the location you will visit and contact your bank in person that you will be using that ATM card in Philippines.

    5. Make a copy of your passport, credit and ATM cards kept in a safe place in case they are lost.

    6. Bring sun screen and have fun!

  • timmy long

    Hey ladies and gentlemen i am going to the philippines this coming november the first week of november for my birthday and i am going to meet my girlfriend. Just wanted to know if i could save about $1000 dollars i already have my us passport. All i have to do is get the plane ticket. I also wanted to know how much money do i need for the philippines.

    sincerely, Timmy Long